linuxconf all changes logs

linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.21r4


Module wineconf: New

Thanks to Daniel Mealha Cabrita (, we have a brand new module to configure wine, the windows emulator (

Version 1.23


Module wineconf: ui updates

Some little enhancements were made to list handling.

Version 1.25


Module wineconf: Users configuration

The module originally only supported the system wide configuration. It can now handle the users private configuration.

Version 1.25r2

Bug fixes

Module wineconf: packaging issue

In the previous release, the wineconf module was not usable because of a packaging flaw related to the message directory. Fixed. The solution was simply to run "make msg" in the wineconf directory and recompile...

Version 1.25r5


Module wineconf: stand-alone mode

The wineconf module may be used either inside Linuxconf, or in stand-alone mode. When you execute /usr/bin/wineconf (and linuxconf-utils is installed) the module execute without any privilege and configure the wine user configuration, not the system wide configuration.

wineconf is the first module to benefit from that. So now, this module is both a end-user tool and a system tool.

Version 1.25r6


Module wineconf: new wine files format

The module was adapted by Conectiva Linux to support some changes in Wine configuration files.

Version 1.26


Module wineconf: Configuration file parsing

The escaping (using backslash) is properly handled in the configuration file. Contributed by Conectiva Linux.