linuxconf all changes logs

linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.14r1


treemenu initial state

When you install a new Linuxconf, or a new module, the treemenu is rebuilt and the state of the branches is reset. Originally, all the branches for collapsed. Now we do the reverse. Initially, all the branches are opened, so one can see quickly that the menu tree is large and worth investigating.

After the upgrade, the tree works as usual, preserving from one session to the other the state.

Version 1.16r7

Bug fixes

Module treemenu: Button name "Act/Changes"

There was a flaw in text mode and sometime, the button title flipped to "usr1" . Fixed!

Version 1.16r10


Module treemenu: Some debugging help

Some people have experienced problem with the treemenu: Linuxconf crashes when it is computing the tree. While this signal a flaw in Linuxconf, it is not easy to track where is located that flaw (Well with a debugger it is quite easy).

Those experiencing the problem are left in the cold. They unset the treemenu module and have to dig in the various dialog to find the offending.

In 1.16r10, the treemenu build is producing a file /var/run/treemenu.log. This file is updated after each menu entry is processed. So if Linuxconf fails in one area, you can tell where just by looking at this file.

Oddly, this treemenu build looks more and more like a crude regression testing.

Version 1.21r7


Module treemenu: quitting

When using the treemenu module, you can quit from Linuxconf using the window manager X button (at the top right of the window). Originally this command was translated to "check for changes and quit". Now it translate to "Quit no check".

Version 1.23r1


Module treemenu: switchable per UI mode

In the feature dialog, there is now a tab for the treemenu module. you find there a check-box for text mode and gui. You can tell if the treemenu mode is available on a per UI mode basis. Some like the treemenu mode in graphical mode, but not in text mode. Now you have the choice.

Version 1.25r7


Module treemenu: handle control-C

As explained in the UI enhancement, the module handles control-C and preserved the exact state of the tree (open/close nodes, window scroll position, current line).

Version 1.30


Module treemenu: text mode enhancements

In text mode, the left and right arrow may be used to provide quicker move in the treemenu. The left arrow close the current branch. You do not have to move up to reach the upper menu and then use enter to close it (this still work though). For example if you are located deep down in the tree menu, you just to hit the left arrow few times to reach the "config" top level menu.

The right arrow opens a closed menu, but tries to position the cursor on the line you were when you used the left arrow to close the menu.

Using both keys allows you to visit various areas in the tree menu very quickly. Give it a try.

A help screen was written and is always available while using the treemenu in text mode.