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linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.21r5


Module tcptool: new

This is a module used to test and experiment with text based TCP services. The module remembers several configuration (host, port and a comment).

Once you connect to a service, you are presented with a dialog with three area:

  • The command field.

    You enter a string in that field and press the "Send" button. The line is sent to the service.

  • 12 user defined buttons.

    For each button, you set the button label and the string which will be sent. The buttons configuration is preserved by service.

  • The bottom is a scroll-able history. It shows what was sent and received to and from the service. You can click on any lines and it will sent again to the service. Clicking a line using the second mouse button, copy it in the command field. From there, you can edit it and send the result.

This module is an experiment. I suggest you give it a try. Point it to your SMTP server, and send the "help" command. Then try to send me an email from there. You might guess after that what the S in SMTP stand for :-)

Or test your email vdomains with it. Comments and suggestions welcome.

Version 1.21r6


Module tcptool: little enhancements

Some enhancement were made to the interface. Some dialogs are now popups. The service may be specified either by name of numerically.

Version 1.24r5


Module tcptool

The command line in session mode sends its content whenever you hit enter. You do not have to click on Send all the time. This only works in GUI mode for now.

Version 1.34r3

Bug fixes

Module tcptool: compilation problem

The module was not compiling properly if linuxconf-devel was not already installed (which is generally the case since linuxconf-devel is part of the linuxconf source).