linuxconf all changes logs

linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.14r3


status module: /proc/mdstat

The module now report the content of the /proc/mdstat file (software raid).

Version 1.15r0.3


Inter-module API: status module

The inter-module API (see misc/module_api) has been reworked to make it easier for a client to find out if an API is available. The function xxxx_api_available() exists now for all APIs (where xxxx is the name of the API).

The status module now export a small API to let other module present various reports. The first module to use it is the samba module. It uses it to present the output of the smbstatus command.

At some point, the status module will be changed to do a nicer looking job.

The samba module also insert itself in the status menu so you have access to smbstatus from both menu area (samba and status menu). In the future, other module will behave like this I guess.

Version 1.15r3


status module: disk quota report

You can now review the disk quota per user and group, from the status module menu. Basically show /usr/sbin/repquota output...

Version 1.15r3.1


status module: disk quota report

When displaying disk quota, all fstab entries were shown, including those completely unrelated to disk quota. (NFS mounts, swap).

Version 1.17r7


Linuxconf splash screen, sort of

For a while, I was looking for something to put on the right of the treemenu when there is no dialog displayed (GUI mode). I finally came with an idea. The status module is presenting one screen (one page of the notebook) immediately at startup.

The screen shows different information:

  • The name of the machine (useful when you run several Linuxconf and do remote administration.
  • An icon or picture representing the machine or its function.
  • And various status information such as the uptime, load average, memory and swap usage.

The list will probably grow and the more graphics will be introduced. The screen is updated every 3 seconds.

You can change the icon and you can disable this completely if you do not like it, from the feature dialog.

You need linuxconf-gui though. This won't work with gnome-linuxconf for now.

Version 1.17r9


Module status: splash screen

The initial dialog displayed by the status module (when running linuxconf-gui and the treemenu module) includes the status of all disk partition. A gauge shows the usage level of the partition and the size is displayed at the end. This makes this screen quite complete to have a feel for the health of the server.

Version 1.18r6


Module status: various enhancements

The status window available with linuxconf-gui in treemenu mode now contains the number of open files.

The module has a menu to present currently loaded kernel modules.

The PCI information is now presented using the "/sbin/lspci -v" command on kernel 2.2 and above. Much more readable than /proc/pci.

Version 1.24r6


Module status: process tree

The processes are now presented with a pstree like look in GUI mode. In the other UI mode, the output of the pstree command is used. In GUI the tree is interactive and you can send various signal to the processes. Also, you can get package information about a given process. So if you wonder what is this xxx process running, you can get the information right from here, kill it and then un-install the package, all from a central place. This is using inter-module communication obviously :-)

Version 1.24r8


Module status: better presentation

The module status presents various information about your system. It generally does this by retrieving the content of a file in /proc or the output of a command. The content was simply thrown as raw text. In HTML mode, for one, the output was barely readable. I have enhanced the module so most of the reports are now presented as properly formatted table, in all UI mode.

There are still few issues which will be covered in the next release (I already have the fix ...)

Version 1.24r9


Presenting text in HTML mode

Now, formatted text from the status module is presented enclosed with <pre> tags. This produces a more readable results.

Version 1.31


Module status: lsof front end

The module presents the list of currently opened files. You can browse and setup filters. This is work in progress.

Version 1.34r3

Bug fixes

Module status: empty results

In some case (especially with linux-vservers), the status module was failing to parse some results properly (and was crashing).