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linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.18


Module shellmod: merged in the core distribution

More people are creating shellmod module and utilities and found it annoying that it was not universally available (shellmod) on any Linuxconf/Linux box. I simplify their packaging.

If you already installed the shellmod RPM installed, remove it before upgrading to Linuxconf 1.18.

Module shellmod: various enhancements

Various enhancements were done to shellmod since its last release as an independent module. These includes:

  • New widgets: sliders and gauges.

  • Support the show primitive to draw a dialog without stopping (unlike edit)

  • Support for user defined buttons right from the edit show and editmenu primitive.

Version 1.26


Module shellmod: some more commands

The settype command has been added to control the presentation of the dialog. For now the only accepted value is "DIATYPE_POPUP".

The command remove_all has been added. This allow one to delete all field from the current dialog and generate a new configuration.

Version 1.26r1


Module shellmod: vregistry support

It is now possible to use the virtual registry from a shellmod script. This allow easy access to various setting in Linuxconf without having to understand the underlying file formats. There are 3 new commands:

  • vreg_get registry_variable shell_variable

    This retrieves a variable from the virtual registry and place it in the shell variable. The shell variable will be assigned when vreg_do is called.

  • vreg_set variable value

    Set a registry variable to a given value.

  • vreg_do

    This commands triggers the requests. It is not "echoed" but is a shell function. It is like the dispatch function already available.

Here is an example:

       # Getting some values from /etc/samba/smb.conf
       # The values will be stored in $workgroup and $winsserver
        echo vreg_get samba.workgroup workgroup
        echo vreg_get samba.winsserver winsserver
        qecho notice "workgroup is $workgroup, wins is $winsserver"
        # Changing the values
        qecho vreg_set samba.workgroup MYGROUP
        qecho vreg_set samba.winsserver ""

A man page was also written for the module.

Version 1.26r3


Module shellmod: one privilege per module

For each shellmod module, a privilege is created. It may be assign to any co-administrator, one by one. Originally, only root was allowed to execute a shellmod module. The module is also receiving the variable REALUSER, so it knows who is the operator.

Version 1.26r5


Module shellmod: newf_info

The newf_info directive was missing from the protocol. It allows one to enter fixed data in a dialog.