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linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.13r15.1


Optional [global] directive in /etc/smb.conf

The samba module has been enhanced to support smb.conf files with or without [global] directive. It assumes that all directives at the beginning of the file are owned by the [global] section.

Version 1.15r0.3


samba enhancement

The user interface has been reworked. Various fields have been moved around and the dialogs have been reorganized in section (notebook in GUI mode).

Various fields were added. The printers share editing now works as well as the netlogon. I intend to work much more on samba in the coming weeks. Any big samba user out there. Please review this and let me know. Ask for more...

Version 1.16


samba: security = user, server or share

The security mode could not be configured from Linuxconf. I have added a field for that in the default configuration, so you can pick one of the 3 values: user server share.

Version 1.16r0.1


Samba helps reworked

The various help screens have be reworked to follow the new layout of the dialogs. These help screens are huge. Using Lynx to view them helps...

Samba module: more features

You can now control more feature of the smb.conf file.

  • The authentication mode field (security=...) was missing the "domain" case
  • You can program the "add user script" and "delete user script". Those field have a help list showing one useful command. Those samba options, combined with the authentication mode set to server or domain, and the password server set to the proper server, allows you to create "administration free" linux boxes. (user account wise).

Version 1.16r3


samba: netlogon share. Problem with logon entries

The netlogon share dialog allows you to setup the logon path, logon drive , logon script and logon home. Unfortunately, those feature are part of the global section in smb.conf, not part of the netlogon share.

I still think it is appropriate to show this information there, so the dialog still shows those fields, but the value are properly recorded in the global section.

Version 1.16r3.1


samba: Deleting a user account

When you delete a user account, the /etc/smbpasswd file is managed accordingly, if the synchronization of SMB passwords from Unix passwords was selected.

Version 1.16r4


samba: domain logons feature

The "domain logons" feature was not supported (visible). There is now a check-box to enable the feature in the netlogon special share setup (although it is a global feature, it fits better there).

Version 1.17r8

Bug fixes

Module samba: Server identification

Linuxconf was updating the wrong field in /etc/smb.conf. It now manages the "server string" entry instead of the "comment" one.

Version 1.17r9


Module samba: remote browse sync

The "remote browse sync" global feature was not visible. Fixed!

Version 1.19

Bug fixes

Module samba: /etc/smb.conf corrupted

I have finally nailed a nasty bug in the samba module. In one specific case, it was trashing /etc/smb.conf and Linuxconf was segfaulting. The problem was occurring when several dialogs of the module were accessed at once, using the GUI.

Version 1.21r8

Bug fixes

Module samba: updating an SMB account

An error message was uselessly produced while updating the SMB account after creating a new account from the command line (userconf --adduser).

Version 1.25r7


Module samba: preexec close

Two new check-boxes have been added to control the "pre-exec close" and "root pre-exec close" feature. When a pre-exec script fails (and return an error code), the check-box controls if the connection should end or not.

Version 1.26r2


Module samba: create and directory mask

Those two features were missing. Fixed!

Version 1.28


Module samba: ldap support

A new section was added to the samba default configuration. It helps setup the required LDAP fields and LDAP secret. Other smb.conf fields were added to better control file permission (inherit permission).

Module samba: setting the SMB password

It is possible to browse the user list and change the SMB password directly from the samba module.

Version 1.28r1


Module samba: user validation and PDC feature

Many fields in samba configuration requires users and groups list. Linuxconf was not doing any validation. It does now.

The "domain admin group" feature was added to the default configuration dialog.

Version 1.28r2


Module samba: more share features

The feature "hide dot files" and "hide files" are now available in the dialog. The first is a check-box to instruct samba to hide files starting with dots (normally hidden under Linux shells). The second allows you to enter a list of files and directories to hide. They are hidden from samba users, but accessible.

Version 1.30r2


Module samba: more smb.conf fields

The following fields may be managed by the module now:

In global section:

  • bind interfaces only
  • character set

In homes section

  • veto files

Bug fixes

Module samba: users and groups validation

When doing users and groups validation, the module was not supporting quote to protect user id and group with embedded spaces. Fixed!

Version 1.30r3


Module samba: veto files in global section

A little rework of the various dialogs was done and the veto files directive is now available in the global section as well as the share section.