linuxconf all changes logs

linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.16r3.2


redhatppp: support for the wvdial utility

The module now update parts of the /etc/wvdial.conf utility, so can be used as a front-end for wvdial. wvdial is a smart dialing utility that can guess most connection parameter for a PPP session. You just need to provide the phone, account and password and it finds the rest.

Version 1.16r6


redhatppp module: peerdns feature

A check box was added to control the peerdns feature. This lets the pppd daemon update the /etc/resolv.conf file with the IPs of the provider (DNS).

Version 1.19r1

Bug fixes

Module redhatppp: stupid mode spelling error

Linuxconf was entering "Stupide mode" instead of "Stupid mode".

Version 1.23


Module redhatppp: fire-walling support

The module now participate in the fwinfo inter-module api. It is possible to write fire-wall rules using logical host and device using the redhatppp/config syntax. Using that, creating firewall with dynamic IP configuration is possible.

Version 1.27r4


Module redhatppp: conditional use of wvdial

The module has now a check-box to control usage of the wvdial system (modem auto-everything...). Contributed by Conectiva Linux.