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linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.23r1


Module pythonmod: new

This is a full binding for the Python language. It allows module written in python to interface with Linuxconf. You have access to the following objects


I am probably missing some. There is little documentation about it, you you will find a sample in linuxconf/modules/pythonmod/examples.

Thanks to Gustavo Niemeyer ( from Conectiva Linux.

Version 1.24r2


Module pythonmod: More binding (user interface)

The module is getting more complete, especially on the user interface side (DIALOG class)

Version 1.24r5


Module pythonmod

It is getting more complete. It provides access to more Linuxconf APIs. This includes access to the virtual registry so a python module can peek and poke in various other modules.

Version 1.25


Module pythonmod: virtual registry support

The module was already providing access to the virtual registry. It is now shaping up so it can participate in the registry (publish variables). This is work in progress though.

Version 1.25r5


Module pythonmod: various enhancements

The module includes more binding to Linuxconf UI. This includes access to the DIALOG::new_button() and DIALOG::newf_str()

Version 1.26r5


Module pythonmod: Support for python 2.2

Thanks to Conectiva, the module support python 2.2

Version 1.28r1


Module pythonmod: newf_list support

Conectiva Linux contributed "newf_list" support to pythonmod (allow writing Linuxconf modules in python).