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linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.13r14.2


pppdialin was not handling the proxyarp ppp option

There is now a check-box for proxyarp both in the pppdialin defaults and for each ppp accounts. The /usr/lib/linuxconf/lib/ppplogin script has been updated as well.

Providing the local IP for each PPP acccount

The pppdialin module has been enhanced to allow a different local IP number for each PPP account if needed. Originally, the local IP was only configurable in the default screen. You can still set it there, but you can override it for specific PPP accounts.

Version 1.14r1


pppdialin is more complete (postlogin config)

The pppdialin module was incomplete. New scripts has been created to fully support the routing and mail delivery configuration. Previously those configuration (ppp accounts) were unmanaged. The following scripts has been added to the distribution:

  • /usr/lib/linuxconf/lib/ppppostlogin
  • /usr/lib/linuxconf/lib/ppppostlogout

Calls to those scripts are inserted in /etc/ppp/ip-up and /etc/ppp/ip-down when you visit the "default PPP parameters" dialog, found at the end of the users account menu (policies area). Each time you do a change in this dialog, pppdialin checks that the ip-up and ip-down scripts are ok.

Note that this added functionality is controlled by a modified /usr/lib/linuxconf/lib/ppplogin and as such is only available to "chat" users (as opposed to PPP accounts using PAP).

Version 1.16


pppdialin: no default local IP

The pppdialin lets you configure the local IP, either in the default configuration, or selectively in each account. If you fail to specify a default pppdialin will select the IP number of the eth0 adaptor. In some special case, you want the client to allocate both IP number (local and remote). You can now specify "none" as the local IP. There is a help list showing that. When you enter none, the /usr/lib/linuxconf/lib/ppplogin script will assume that the client is supplying the local IP.

Version 1.16r4

Bug fixes

pppdialin: noauth option added to ppplogin

The new pppd is more sensitive. The new /usr/lib/linuxconf/lib/ppplogin script sets the "noauth" option to avoid confusion.

Version 1.16r7


pppdialin: new command line option

There were no command line for this module. I just had the following:

linuxconf --modulemain pppdialin --disconnect account

This is an easy way to kill a PPP connection for a given account without having to seach which pppd to terminate.


Module pppdialin: noauth PPP option

This option was removed from the ppplogin script. It seems to confuse pppd somewhat. We are getting back to pre-1.16r6.1 behavior. This was causing problems. More investigation.

Version 1.16r9


Module pppdialin and fire-walling

I have added a check-box like the one available in the dialout module. The "update firewall rules" check-box will trigger a firewall update at connect and disconnect time. So you can now create per-user fire-walling rules (using pppdialin/account logical device and host in the fire-walling rules).

Version 1.17r10


Module pppdialin: Bug fix in ppplogin

The /usr/lib/linuxconf/lib/ppplogin was not setting properly the DNSs sent to the client. Only one of the two was sent.

The paplogin script was not supporting the feature of pppdialin and has been enhanced. Still PAP connection can't use all the feature but at least, they can use the proper defaults set by the module. This includes:

  • DNS addresses
  • Idle timeout
  • Maximum connection
  • Default remote IP

Version 1.21r5

Bug fixes

Module pppdialin: noauth in ppplogin script

The noauth option was implied with older pppd, not anymore. So the script was fixed to force this option.

Version 1.26r5

Bug fixes

module pppdialin: script ppplogin

The script had a bug preventing post-connection script to be executed.