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linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.16r3.3


netadm module: debugging for the export protocol

A check-box enable some debugging (sent on stderr) for the export protocol. This protocol is used to publish configuration changes to administration group members.

Version 1.18r1

Bug fixes

Module netadm: few fixes

Two bugs were fixed there. It was complaining needlessly about a missing conf.linuxconf when publishing a tree. It was also crashing when entering administration group edition while already editing and administration tree.

Version 1.20r1


Module netadm: export transport protocol

The export transport command is no more hard coded. You can specify a different one for each administration group. Further, for every administration group member, you can override the command. It will be remember from one session to the other.

A help list provides a list of known commands. You can enter whatever you want as a command. the string %h is replaced by the host name of the group member.