linuxconf all changes logs

linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.15


Few enhancements to the mrtg module

I have added more fields in the dialog, allowing more control over the graphics. I have also added two utilities to monitor memory and CPU usage. You can choose them from the pick list.

Version 1.15r1


mrtg options

The options field has been turned into a Combo, making it easier to locate the available option (gauge for one).

Version 1.16r6

Bug fixes

Improper mrtg.cfg parsing

The mrtg module was not parsing the mrtg.cfg properly. This file supports multi-line tags. Fixed!

Version 1.16r6.1


mrtg: New little function to grab information

I have added to little utility to grab some information about the system:

  • /usr/lib/linuxconf/lib/mrtg_processes

    Report the creation rate of new processes and the context switches.

  • /usr/lib/linuxconf/lib/mrtg_nbproc

    Report the number of currently running processes (well, running or sleeping, say existing processes)

Version 1.16r7


Module mrtg: New utility

The mrtg module provides various utilities to sample things on the system including the I have written a C++ version to make it more efficicent. It is called mrtg_memory.