linuxconf all changes logs

linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.16r3.1


modemconf: New module

A small module was added to the core distribution. It allows you to setup your /dev/modem symlink. Auto-detection is missing though. It is enabled by default.

It's a contribution!

Version 1.18r2


Module modemconf: modem detection

The module has now a "detect" button to probe the modem. Cool!

Version 1.18r4

Bug fixes

Module modemconf: Affecting IP aliases

The modemconf module was closing file handle 0 and 1. This was breaking the --hint command line option. The visible side effect was that IP aliases were not enabled anymore and network configuration change were never activated.

This bug exist since 1.18r2.

Version 1.21r4


Module modemconf: More precise gauge

While probing for a modem, the gauge showing the status of the probe more closely represent the amount of work to do.