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linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.16r8


Module managerpm now part of the core distribution

The managerpm module used to be distributed in a separate package. This module is pretty needed by everyone using RPMs. If you had already the independent module installed, remove it before upgrading to 1.16r8.

Version 1.16r9


Module managerpm: conflict resolution

The module was not checking properly for duplicates (when a package deliver something that is delivered by an already installed package). It detects this situation properly. When such a conflict arise, you are presented with a list of conflicts, showing every package. From this list, you can view the information about one package and even delete the package. If you delete all offending package, the installation/upgrade will continue. You can also select the button "Install anyway" and the install will be performed with the --replacefiles RPM option.

Version 1.17r2


Module managerpm: some user interface enhancements

Managerpm is making use of the new GUI abilities. When you install or upgrade some modules, you get small popups with gauge showing you the package being manipulated, a little bit like and installer.

Version 1.18r7

Bug fixes

Module managerpm: Dialog not hiding

In GUI mode, some pop-up dialog were not removed properly and were stealing the show.

Version 1.21r2

Bug fixes

Module managerpm: Improper dependency checking

The module was improperly handling dependencies with version tag. It was complaining about missing dependencies needlessly.

Version 1.23r2

Bug fixes

Module managerpm: rpmlib dependencies

The module was not supporting the rpmlib(feature) construct. It was reporting improper failed dependencies on those, causing problems for package installation and update. The problems were visible only on RedHat 7.

Version 1.24r8


Module managerpm: the --update command line

You can use managerpm to do an visual update of many package. This is useful when you run script in GUI mode and want to see what is going on. The command line is:

	linuxconf --modulemain managerpm --update \
		[ rpm options ] packages ....

You get a nice little dialog with progress bars.

Version 1.25r2

Bug fixes

Module managerpm: parsing invalid rpm

While browsing un-installed package, the module has some problems when some rpm in the list were invalid. It was ending up presenting the wrong one.

Version 1.25r3

Bug fixes

Module managerpm: listing package files

There was a cosmetic bug while listing files owned by a package. Some extra newlines were confusing the GUI and corrupting the text mode display. Further, some differences between RPM 3 and 4 were not handled properly.

Version 1.26r5


Module managerpm: updating packages

The interactive status window was not showing the update status at all since rpm 4. A different strategy has been used to parse rpm progress.

Version 1.27

Bug fixes

Module managerpm: too many rpms

When too many RPMs were handled, some buffer were allocated too small and the content, truncated. This was causing strange problems. Some time it was complaining a file was missing when in fact, it was there. Fixed!

Version 1.27r3

Bug fixes

Module managerpm: deleting package

The rpm --percent option was used when deleting package and this is not supported by rpm. Removed!

Version 1.28r1

Bug fixes

Module managerpm

The module had some problem parsing RPM information. In some case a whole module escaped from its list. Fixed!