linuxconf all changes logs

linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.18r6


Module kernelconf: new

This module, hooked in the misc. services sub-menu, lets you configure various kernel parameters, such as the maximum number of open files and inodes.

Version 1.21r6


Module kernelconf

The module uses the sysctl utility and /etc/sysctl.conf file to handle kernel tuning.

You can also tune the maximum share memory size.

Version 1.24r4


Module kernelconf: vregistry support

I have added a bunch of virtual registry variable to control most features managed by kernelconf.

Version 1.30

Bug fixes

Module kernelconf: 32 bit unsigned settings

The module was improperly handling these large number so it was impossible to configure say the shmmax parameter above 2Gigs.

Version 1.30r2


Module kernelconf: semaphores

The module has been enhanced to control the 4 parameters limiting the system V IPC semaphores. They are notably used by Apache. You may have to configure that if you are running several copies of Apache for example. Virtual private server users may reach the default limit of the kernel.