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linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.17r1


Module inetdconf: New

Thanks to Torbjörn Gard we have now a module to configure /etc/inetd.conf and /etc/services. It is part of the core distribution and enabled by default (unless you do not have a /etc/inetd.conf file).

Version 1.17r4


Module inetdconf: a new fire-walling system

Check this out. The goal is to create a super-simple firewall ing solution.

Version 1.17r9

Bug fixes

Module inetdconf: firewall and 192.168.X.0 network

The module was not managing class C private network 192.168.X.0 properly. One side effect was that it was not enabling the masquerading for other network than

Version 1.17r10

Bug fixes

Module inetdconf: glitch while fiddling with wait/nowait

The module was improperly rewriting the /etc/inetd.conf, switching wait for nowait (or the reverse) in some situation. Fixed!

Version 1.18r1


Module inetdconf: few updates

The author may wish to send a separate announcement. It mostly support more command line to enable/disable inetd service and check if they are properly installed.

It also link the inetd configuration of a service to managerpm so you can get more information on a service from the package.

At some point, it should be possible install a missing service from there.

Version 1.18r2


Module inetdconf: link to managerpm

When editing a service, you can view the package owning this service. You must have managerpm enabled though.

Version 1.21r5


Module inetdconf: firewall and FTP

The ftp-data port was not managed properly when the FTP service was enabled. Now both are logically linked. You enable the FTP port, you get ftp-data for free.

Version 1.25r5


Module inetdconf: xinetd supports

The module now supports both xinetd and inetd configuration files. This shows in the "control service activity" where you can now control and configure xinetd services as well.

Version 1.29r1


module inetdconf: xinetd interface keyword

The module was using the interface keyword instead of bind. The keyword has been deprecated in the last xinetd release so this was creating incompatible configuration files.

The module was not using the CONFIG_FILE object when updating files in /etc/xinetd.d. Those file were not archived when updated. So it was not possible to:

  • View what Linuxconf was doing on those files.
  • Review the RCS archive.
  • Undo a change by extracting the last archived version.

There is another flaw which will be fixed in the next release. The module do not support the disable keyword as people expect. It encodes in the file /etc/xinetd.conf, using the disabled keyword the list of disabled services. This is kind of incompatible with the way people are using xinetd server now. This will be changed in 1.29r2.

Version 1.29r3

Bug fixes

Module inetdconf: disable=yes support in xinetd.d files

The module was not setting the disable=yes/no line properly in the /etc/xinetd.d/ files. It was instead configuring the information in /etc/xinetd.conf. This was confusing. Also, the various files in /etc/xinetd.d were not archived when modified (CONFIG_FILE objects were not used properly).

Linuxconf now report the proper setting in "control service activity".