linuxconf all changes logs

linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.13r14.2


PPP over ssh: no need for IPs on client side

The dialout module was requesting the client to provide both IP numbers (locale and remote). This was not needed. So the check was removed. The client can provide the IP numbers as an option in the few cases where providing them on the server is not practical.

Version 1.15r0.1

Bug fixes

pppd idle-disconnect parameter

The dialout module was changed to use the idle parameter instead of the obsolete idle-disconnect parameter. Note that you can always use the "other pppd options" field to enter whatever you want. So if you use an older pppd, you UN-check the box and use this field.

Version 1.16r1.2


dialout: pre connect command

The dialout module now support a pre-connect command. You specify it in the feature area of the dialog. This command is executed before pppd and chat are started. You can use this to call setserial or whatever setup command you need.

Linuxconf waits until the command exits.

Version 1.16r3.2


dialout: reworked configuration dialog

I have used the new chkm_num widget for few field of the configuration dialog. This is the end of the special magic values meaning "disabled" or "use default value" in this dialog. This was applied to the following fields:

  • idle-time
  • MTU
  • MRU

Version 1.16r7


Module dialout: reworked dialog

The configuration dialog was modified a bit. A new section "scripts" was added and all the script (postconnect, predisconnect) fields were moved there.

The feature section has now a new check-box called "update the firewall rules". Check out the section on the firewall in this change log to understand what it means.

Bug fixes

Module dialout: alternate chat script did not work

When using an alternate chat script, the module was not generating any configuration. It was silently failing.

Version 1.16r9

Bug fixes

Module dialout and fire-walling

The check-box "update firewall rules" was not effective at De-connection time. So the rules associated with the PPP link were not removed.

Version 1.21


Module dialout: On-boot races

The pppwatch utility is now doing some locking to prevent multiple instance to start for the same PPP configuration. Unlikely to happen in general, but possible...

Version 1.21r3


Module dialout and redhatppp: hidden password

The password field in the PPP configuration was not hidden. This was done on purpose so people can easily review their ISP configuration. Well, too many people disliked it, so we changed it. Now the password field is present in hidden mode with an extra confirmation field.

When you edit a configuration, if you fail to enter a new password, the old is preserved.

Version 1.22


Module dialout: the connect button

The connect button was changed for "connection". Instead of only triggering a connection, it brings a query to either turn on or off the connection depending on its current state. Prior to 1.22, you could only turn on the connection from this dialog.

Version 1.25r7


Module dialout: --disconnect --all

The module has a new command line allowing it to disconnect all PPP active connection.

linuxconf --modulemain dialout --disconnect --all

Version 1.31


Module dialout: more vregistry support

The module was only exporting few variables, so it was barely possible to configure a PPP setup from the virtual registry. Also, it was not possible to change the password. In interactive mode, the user is asked to type the password twice, but this feature is meaningless in virtual registry mode. The test for second password equality is skipped in this mode.