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linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.13r12


Updating the DNS out of DHCP information

Since version 1.13r9, it is possible to update the DNS from the DHCP server by using a special command line:

linuxconf --modulemain dhcpd --updatedns

To use this command line, one has to fill the "Update DNS domain" field because DHCP host entry only provide a name, not a name + domain. Once this is done, you can put in a cron job something like this:

if linuxconf --modulemain dhcpd --updatedns
In 1.13r12, we are going a bit further. There is now a checkbox in the dialog, right below the "Update DNS domain" field. It is called "Update DNS from cron". You select this checkbox and a special command "/usr/lib/linuxconf/lib/" is added to root cron. You UN-check it and it is removed. It can't be easier :-)

Version 1.13r14


Support for netbios-node-type in dhcpd

The dialog has been enhanced to support this new field. A combo box type (text field with helper pop-up) presents the available choices.

Updating the DNS from the dhcpd server

Netbios names with spaces are valid. Linuxconf turn those spaces into - before updating the DNS, This yields usable DNS names.

Version 1.15r2.2

Bug fixes

dhcpd range statement

The module was not supporting the range syntax with a single IP. It is fixed. The end of the range is now optional.

dhcpd updating the DNS

There was a typo in this area. The improper name was used to query the DNS (the non fully qualified name). I wonder if this may explain the problems reported with this feature (updating the DNS from the DHCP lease file). Those affected may want to check that and report to me.

Version 1.16r0.1

Bug fixes

DHCP to DNS revisited

The facility to update a DNS using the DHCP lease file was buggy. There were two bugs. One with improper parsing of the MAC address (segfault) and the other with improper interpretation of the lease file logic. The later problem was introducing some slowness in the process and also useless updates of the DNS.

Updating a DNS from a large lease file should be quick (a second or two at most). Check it out!

Version 1.16r1


DHCP module: several ranges per network

The dhcpd module was limiting allocation to a single range (start/end) per net. The DHCP server does not have such a limitation. The module has been enhanced to support as many range per net as needed. There is still a flaw in the user interface. It always propose one more empty range. To add more than one range, you have to accept the dialog and edit again.

Version 1.16r3.1

Bug fixes

dhcpd: Fix for the host-name tag

The value was not properly quoted!

Version 1.16r4


dhcpd: More filtering while updating the DNS

NetBios names are much too permissive for the DNS. I was filtering some special cases, but I found that it was not enough. I have placed much restriction: Any character not alphabetic and not numeric and not a minus sign is turn into a minus sign.

Version 1.16r7

Bug fixes

module dhcpd: glitch in probing affecting fire-walling

A little cosmetic glitch was fixed with the dhcpd module. In some case it was reporting an error to Linuxconf, without printing anything. Linuxconf was stopping its probing process. The next module on the list, firewall had no chance to enable its own configuration.

I guess not so many people have seen that. Those who have witness fire-walling rules which are never activated, check it out.

Version 1.19

Bug fixes

Module dhcpd: DHCP to DNS

Some filtering were missing when updating the DNS from the dhcpd.leases file. This was leading to either invalid hosts being added to the DNS or some dancing around (the DNS was always updated even if nothing had changed).

Version 1.21


Module dhcpd: DHCP to DNS

The DHCP to DNS system was mangling valid netbios name to valid DNS name. A check box lets you reject netbios name not DNS compatible. Further, single character non compliant DNS name (thus mangled to a single - character) are always rejected.

Version 1.21r4

Bug fixes

Module dhcpd: parsing problem with ranges

IP ranges made of a single IP are valid, but were not properly parsed in dhcpd.conf. Also a subnet without any range definition is valid and Linuxconf was poking on it.

Module dhcpd: Updating the DNS

The update DNS feature was broken since a few release. All updates were discarded.

Version 1.22


Module dhcpd: fixes dhcpd.leases path on rh7

dhcpd.leases moved (again :-) ). The resources file were adjusted to comply with Red-Hat 7.

Version 1.23


Module dhcpd: dhcp to dns

The module has been extended to support extra lease files. It is now possible to use the command line to merge lease files coming from other dhcp server. The new command line goes like this: --domain --leasefile a_file

Version 1.24r4


Module dhcpd: More validations

The module not only validate IP numbers, but always check for proper netmask (the network number is compatible with the netmask) and also IP ranges.

Version 1.24r8


Module dhcpd: inter-module API

This is the start of an inter-module API. For now, it allows you to query and manage the lease file. It is currently used by the xterminals module. Using this API, it can learn the IP number currently assign to a terminal and can release the IP number when the terminal configuration is deleted.

Version 1.25r2

Bug fixes

Module dhcpd: Wrong validations

In the subnet definition, the module was not accepting an empty second range.

Version 1.26

Bug fixes

Module dhcpd: sorting the lease file

The sorting of the lease file was improperly done. This was affecting the dhcp2dns feature. Sometime, old leases were sent to the DNS instead of new ones.

Version 1.27r4


Module dhcpd: ddns-update-style

The directive "ddns-update-style ad-hoc" is entered in the configuration file. Contributed by Conectiva Linux.

Version 1.28


Module dhcpd: show leases

The dialog used to browse the leases has been enhanced to use column sorting.

Version 1.29

Bug fixes

Module dhcpd: parsing ddns-update-style

The module was not parsing this line properly.