linuxconf all changes logs

linuxconf all changes logs

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Version 1.14r2

Bug fixes

httpd.conf: better handling of unknown directives

When rewriting the httpd.conf file, Linuxconf was inserting a TAB in front of all directives which it does not manage. Now those directives are rewritten the way they were read.

Version 1.15r0.2


apache ssl support and scope directives

Marcelo have sent various enhancement to the apache module so it deals better with unknown (to the module) scope directives. Those with complex httpd.conf might want to give a try to this one.

There is also support for apache SSL (mod_ssl) extension. Please comment on them also.

Version 1.15r0.3


Apache module getting more complete and reliable

Thanks to Marcelo, the apache module is doing more stuff and will more gracefully operate with complex httpd.conf file. Here is a copy of his announce

  • fixed a bug with the unknown directives handling.
  • fixed the bug which unknown directives within blocks was been written out of it.
  • fixed the bug which comments before options and allowoverride was been not written back to the conf file.
  • Removed ignore/remove dialog.
  • added directorymatch, files and filesmatch directive support.
  • created a new menu in the main window to configure files* directives.
  • created a struct shared_ssl with common directives used by classes HTTPD_DOMSSL and HTTPD_SSL, created ssl_setdia to set the dialog for this directives.
  • write to config file only if it was previously readed by parser

Version 1.15r2.1


Apache module: new features

This is Marcelo's work. New menu to tune apache (performance) and configure the various modules. Some enhancement to better handle known part of unknown scope directive. Worth a check, especially for those who could never use the Linuxconf apache module before.

Version 1.15r3.1

Bug fixes

Apache clearmodulelist directive

This directives was improperly written in httpd.conf (missing newline).

Version 1.16r0.1


Apache module: htpasswd edition

This is Marcelo's patch pretty much verbatim.

Version 1.16r1.1


apache: supporting namevirtualhost

A new field was added: Domain ip address. You set the IP there and then define IP less virtual host sharing this IP.

Version 1.16r3.1

Bug fixes

Apache: serveradmin and serveralias solved

The problems reports with the serveradmin and serveralias keyword are solved. Both were fairly old problem. Odd!

Version 1.16r3.2


help screen for the apache module

Some help screens were written for the apache module, mainly the default and performance dialog. Check it out.

Bug fixes

apache: glitch corrupting the httpd.conf file

A bug was fixed. In some condition, the httpd.conf file rewritten by Linuxconf was corrupted.

apache: virtual hosts list using web mode

There was a flaw in the dialog presenting all the virtual hosts. This was affecting only the web mode (Linuxconf web mode). It was preventing the user from selecting properly one host, in some condition.

Version 1.18r3

Bug fixes

Module apache: Bug with the Files directive

The Files directive was not properly parsed. This was visible on RedHat 6.2 httpd.conf for example. Fixed. Note that I am currently rewriting the apache module, so if you have other griefs, wait for the new releases.

Version 1.21r8

Bug fixes

Module apache: overrides

The overrides check-boxes were initialized to on by default, which was wrong (Apache defaults to no override at all).

Version 1.26

Bug fixes

Module apache: SSL management fix

The SSL management/parsing was changed so SSL statements are properly inserted inside the IfModule mod_ssl.c section. Contributed by Conectiva Linux.

Version 1.26r3

Bug fixes

Module apache: check-box fields

The fields presented with a check-box (on/off values) were not parsed properly. They were always presented in the "off" position. They were properly written back though.

Version 1.28

Bug fixes

Module apache: quoted value

Some quoted values were not parsed properly from httpd.conf. Fixed!

Version 1.30


Module apache: include directive with wild-cards

Apache 2.0 support an include directive with wild-cards. For example on rh8.0, you have:

	include conf.d/*.conf

Now Linuxconf understand this, resolves the wild-cards and loads the various files.