linuxconf 1.34r3 changes log

linuxconf 1.34r3 changes log

previous versions: 1.34r2
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Changing a user account id

Using the vregistry, one may rename a user account (changing the login name) like this:

	vregistry --set user.login.ID new-ID

Note that this works as well for vdomain email users, like this:

	vregistry --set user.login.ID/vdomain new-ID


Accountbatch: duplicate records

The module used to signal duplicates in input file and stop processing. Now it process only the first occurrence and signal the duplicates as warning in the result log. This save some time while processing large account sets.

pseudo-tty creation

The old pseudo-tty files are not needed in /dev. Linuxconf does not enforce their presence anymore.

Bug fixes

Module status: empty results

In some case (especially with linux-vservers), the status module was failing to parse some results properly (and was crashing).

Module tcptool: compilation problem

The module was not compiling properly if linuxconf-devel was not already installed (which is generally the case since linuxconf-devel is part of the linuxconf source).