linuxconf 1.34r2 changes log

linuxconf 1.34r2 changes log

previous versions: 1.34
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linuxconf-util: printfds

This is a new utility working like lsof. It prints the opened file and network sockets for one for all processes. For network TCP sockets, it prints the IP/ports settings.

Module accountbatch: preserving the update fields

The module allows you to selectively update account fields. You check/un-check the various fields you want to update (gecos, home, ...). Previously the setting had to be entered prior to run accountbatch. Now the setting is saved with the configuration.

Module dhcp

The module was enhanced to support the filename attribute needed for network booting.

Module diskquotaconf: --playcmd option

The --playcmd option is use to configure the kernel from a file produced by diskquotaconf (potentially written on another computer). Previously --playcmd needed a file name as an argument. Now it also accepts the - argument to mean "read from standard input".

Module mailconf: double bounce

The module let you configure sendmail doublebounce option. You can redirect double bounce to the destination you want, disable it or redirect to /dev/null.

Virtual email domains: vacation start/stop

The vdeliver utility performs the vacation tasks. It performs this tasks for a given user if the DB file exist and there is a vacation message (The DB file collects the address who have received the vacation message so far). Now the DB file may also contains a start and stop date for the vacation service. One may setup a vacation message in advance. Currently there is no user interface to handle this. The format in the file is simply a line

	#date: start_date end_date

The dates are encoded using international convention yyyy/mm/dd.

The old behavior is preserved (A db file without #date: means the vacation processing must be done).

x64 architecture

Minor details were changed to allow compilation and operation on an X64 (opteron,athlon64,...) computer. Note that you can install a 32 bits version of Linuxconf anyway.

Bug fixes

userconf: creating home with LDAP

When used with ldapconf, userconf was failing to create the home directory.