linuxconf 1.34 changes log

linuxconf 1.34 changes log

previous versions: 1.33r6
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fsconf: fsck priority

When specifying fsck priority in fstab, a value of 0 means you do not want fsck on this partition/volume. Now the UI presents the field differently to depict this. You have a check-box to specify "no fsck" and a field to enter the priority.

Module accountbatch: various enhancements

Various enhancements were made over 1.33r6:

User account management: optimization

The user account management have been reworked (internally) to better cope with lots of accounts. Private index have been added to the object to speed searching. This has two effects

Bug fixes

Fedora core 2 packaging

A single package is built for both Fedora core 1 and 2. Unfortunately libdb was changed in Fedora core 2 to version 4.2 (and fedora core 1 deliver 4.1). The package is now linked statically with libdb so it installs properly on both distributions.

Module mailconf: creating new vdomain in web mode

The was a field not initialized when creating a new vdomain. This was causing a "dialog mismatch" error in HTML mode. Because of that it was not possible to create new vdomain using the web.