linuxconf 1.33r6 changes log

linuxconf 1.33r6 changes log

previous versions: 1.33r4
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Module accountbatch: various enhancements

The module has been enhanced to allow either disabling or deleting user accounts.

when deleting accounts, the module may execute a command ( authorization command) to learn the list of account it is allowed to delete. Normally, the module will delete/disable accounts on which it is authoritative (member of some groups only). But many tests accounts are created manually and the module can't tell them apart. Now you can write a script reading its standard input and producing on standard output the list of account ok for deletion.

When filling the "operate only on groups" field, you can enter simply a start ("*"). This means accountbatch is authoritative on all groups appearing in the input file. This is useful when the input file contains lots of users in different groups.

The dialog was a bit confusing. You had the test button to run a simulation and get the list of account added,updated, deleted or disabled. And you had the accept button performing the task for real. This button was replace with a "run" button place near the "test" button.

When using the command line to perform account creations or updates you can use the --config option to load one configuration. So you inherit all the parsing information stored with the configuration. Later you can still use the --file or --group (or any other option) to override the stored configuration settings.