linuxconf 1.33r6 changes log

linuxconf 1.33r6 changes log

previous versions: 1.33r4
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fsconf: handling loop-back mount

The fstab manager was enhanced to support the loop mount option. The support is done both in the user interface and while validating a file system if properly mounted.

There is a check-box to select the loop option and a field to enter a loop device (for completeness).

fsconf: sortable columns in fstab

The UI was changed to use the new widget allowed sortable columns while displaying file system entries in /etc/fstab

Module accountbatch: various enhancements

The module has been enhanced to allow either disabling or deleting user accounts.

when deleting accounts, the module may execute a command ( authorization command) to learn the list of account it is allowed to delete. Normally, the module will delete/disable accounts on which it is authoritative (member of some groups only). But many tests accounts are created manually and the module can't tell them apart. Now you can write a script reading its standard input and producing on standard output the list of account ok for deletion.

When filling the "operate only on groups" field, you can enter simply a start ("*"). This means accountbatch is authoritative on all groups appearing in the input file. This is useful when the input file contains lots of users in different groups.

The dialog was a bit confusing. You had the test button to run a simulation and get the list of account added,updated, deleted or disabled. And you had the accept button performing the task for real. This button was replace with a "run" button place near the "test" button.

When using the command line to perform account creations or updates you can use the --config option to load one configuration. So you inherit all the parsing information stored with the configuration. Later you can still use the --file or --group (or any other option) to override the stored configuration settings.

User account management: expiration date

In the account list, we see now a new column called "expire". It shows the expiration date of an account. Disabled account are indeed expired account. Since the column is sortable, you can quickly locate which ones are disabled.

vdeliver, procmail and vacation

vdeliver used to execute its vacation routine prior to call procmail or deliver the message itself. Now procmail may decide to discard the message, so the vacation message is not appropriate.

Now it checks if procmail succeeded. It will only perform the vacation task if procmail succeeded.

We added a little feature with that. If procmail produce the exit code 1, the vacation message won't be performed, but vdeliver will return success to sendmail. This allows you to silently drop message. Thanks to Eric Wood for the suggestion and testing.

Bug fixes

Module mailconf: vacation text too large

There was a bug in the HTML interface when validating large text (textarea widget) input. It was limited to 1000 characters. Input larger were rejected (dialog sync mismatch).

Not really a mailconf bug, but it was affected by the UI toolkit bug.