linuxconf 1.33r2 changes log

linuxconf 1.33r2 changes log

previous versions: 1.33r1
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firewall module: rule list

The policy has been add to the rule list. It is easier to find reject/accept rules now. With the new text mode sortable columns widget, it is even easier.

Mailconf module: aliases

Aliases are presented using a sortable columns widget. More information are presented in the list.

Mailconf module: Complex user routing

The complex user routing has been enhanced. The rule list use a sortable columns dialog and shows more information. A new priority field gives you control over the ordering of the rules.

Mailconf module: vmilter

The vdomaincheck milter now return a meaningful error code if the user (or alias) do not exist. Much better than "command reject".

RedHat enterprise 3

This distribution is now supported. It is using the same binaries as fedora core 1.

Text user interface: sortable columns

For some time, the GUI had sortable columns in many lists. The widget has been enhanced to support text mode as well. You can use the keys + and - to select a different sort column in a list. The selected column is show in reverse video (the column title). You can also use the space bar to reverse the sort. For now there is no visible flag telling if the sort if ascending or descending.

This affects many dialogs in Linuxconf.

Bug fixes

Mailconf module: white spaced in aliases

The module will reject spaces in aliases and email address. This is not valid anyway.