linuxconf 1.33 changes log

linuxconf 1.33 changes log

previous versions: 1.32r1
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Module mailconf: milter to identify vmail users

The milter (mail filter) has been created to let sendmail properly identify vdomain users right at the "rcpt to" stage. Without the milter sendmail can't tell anything about vdomain users and will happily accept email message to any users. Later, when trying to deliver to the vdomain, it learns the user do not exist and reject the message.

With this milter enabled (and configured to use it), sendmail checks with the milter to learn if the user exist (or an alias). If not, the mail is rejected immediately.

If the vdomain has a fallback destination configured, the milter let the mail go.

An init script called vdomaincheck is delivered to start/stop the milter.

Module mailconf: single URL for password modification

A new dialog was created to let vdomain users change their password. Previously, you needed on URL per vdomain. This still work. But now the URL


gives access to a form requesting the email address (not just the user id). From the email address, the form operates on the proper vdomain.

Module mailconf: supporting milter

It is now possible to configure milter (minimally) from mailconf. You define the milter, the socket and the flags...

Module mailconf: vdeliver

vdeliver now properly return errors from filters.