linuxconf 1.32r1 changes log

linuxconf 1.32r1 changes log

previous versions: 1.32
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Fedora core 1

Fedora core 1 is now supported and a binary is specially built for it. They are found under

Module diskquotaconf: configuring users and groups

In the user account dialog (and group), the admin now see the current disk usage for the user. He also see the inherited limit a user would get unless the admin override the settings.

Module diskquotaconf: report

A browser was created to review user and group quotas. This browser let you see (in GUI mode) which users are over quota by using a color scheme. Orange means over soft limit, red, over hard limit. The report presents the users group by group. Group members are folded and clicking on a line open up the group list. Columns are sortable etc....

You will find this new report in the status area.

Module diskquotaconf: running quotacheck

When running quotacheck on the root partition, the option -m is used because quotacheck can't remount / read-only.