linuxconf 1.31r3 changes log

linuxconf 1.31r3 changes log

previous versions: 1.31r1
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HTML password form

By supplying a file /etc/passwd.htmlintro and a file /etc/passwd.htmlend (or a file /etc/vmail/htmlintro.VDOMAIN and /etc/vmail/htmlend.VDOMAIN) one can modify the HTML presentation. The files were used to generate part of the dialog. Now they are used to generate pretty much everything including the head and body section. Only the input fields definition are handled by Linuxconf.

Further, those files are used for all steps of the password change session, not only for the first page.

This gives you a better control to enhance the look and provide more information. Now, adjust you page as the new behavior is different enough.

Module accountbatch and LDAP

The module works with the ldapconf module to help populate the LDAP database, not only with basic user account stuff, but with user defined information. The module was able to create new accounts with extra information, but was unable to update existing accounts.

Further, the module was not able to update existing account under control. Now you can specify field by field, which one will be updated.

Module mailconf: procmail for virtual accounts

This enhancement was submitted to the list a while ago. It lets vdeliver used procmail on incoming mail if there is a .procmailrc in the recipient home directory. The patch was modified slightly: procmail will be used either if there is a .procmailrc in the home directory or if there is a file /etc/vmail/domain.procmailrc. So you can turn on procmail recipe's domain per domain without being forced to have .procmailrc for each user.

Also, the control files used by procmail were moved from /etc to /etc/vmail.

Check this out!

Bug fixes

Module accountbatch in text mode

The module had many problems in text mode. Sometime the display was completely broken. Oddly, this was not a problem with the module per see. The problem was in the UI toolkit. The module was simply pushing some limits a bit.

But it was only affecting accountbatch...