linuxconf 1.31r1 changes log

linuxconf 1.31r1 changes log

previous versions: 1.31
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Automatic password generation

A new feature let you plug a password generator, to help administrator find good, yet easy to remember password. When you configure the "account and policies" dialog, you can enter a command line of a password generator (such as apg). When setting a password, Linuxconf will propose a choice of passwords. You can either:

For now, the feature does not work in HTML mode (so it it bypassed). At some point, the feature will be available to users so they can pick a good new password instead of "fighting PAM" until it accepts the new password.

A sample password generator is supplied with Linuxconf. It uses /dev/urandom to generate a somewhat ASCII password. But the apg project generates far more usable passwords.

Module accountbatch: deleting old configs

The module did not provide a way to delete old configuration. Now it does.

Module mailconf: /etc/mail/trusted_users

The module was already checking /etc/mail/trusted_users when generating If the file existed, the module was generating a compatible Now the module uses the file to store the trusted users. It was previously storing this information in /etc/conf.linuxconf.

The module auto-magically move old configuration (stored in /etc/conf.linuxconf) to /etc/mail/trusted_users when you change the configuration. There is no migration tool needed.

Bug fixes

IP aliases ranges on RedHat 9

Linuxconf was confused by the new configuration file for IP aliases ranges. Now they are ignored. In the next release, they will be supported.