linuxconf 1.31 changes log

linuxconf 1.31 changes log

previous versions: 1.30r3
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Module mailconf: /etc/mail/sendmail.ct

/etc/mail/sendmail.ct generally contains the list of trust users (users allowed to fake the return address, such as mailing list operators).

The mailconf module does not handle this file, but if it exists, it generates a using it.

Bug fixes

Module mailconf: alias co-manager

When editing a user account, there is a section driven by the mailconf module. It allows you to redirect email for this user to another destination and it allows you to register this user in various aliases (mailing lists).

The module was doing some sanity check and had a flaw. For example, it was checking if you were simply attempting to redirect the user emails to ... the user, which was pointless. Pointless unless you redirect it somewhere else. It is valid to redirect email for user Joe another place ( and still deliver it in the local mailbox. This is done by entering "joe

In some case, the module was confused and was rejecting your entry claiming that you were simply redirecting email to itself.

Anyway: fixed!

Module mailconf: vacation

The vacation was complaining in some condition if the vacation message was missing.

When creating a new account with a vacation text, the file was created with the wrong name.

There were also some spelling errors.