linuxconf 1.30r3 changes log

linuxconf 1.30r3 changes log

previous versions: 1.30r2
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Module samba: veto files in global section

A little rework of the various dialogs was done and the veto files directive is now available in the global section as well as the share section.

Progress dialog when building the tree menu

A new dialog pops up when the tree menu is created. It presents each sub-menu as they are visited. On slow machines, this shows a little more what is going on. Also if a module hang for any reason, we have a clue.

Bug fixes

Segfault after initial installation

Linuxconf 1.30 and above had a flaw. A new installation, they were always failing (segfault) immediatly. This strange bug was related to the on-demand archiving of /etc/conf.linuxconf introduced in 1.30. To keep it simple, linuxconf maintains in /etc/conf.linuxconf the last language used. If there is a change, linuxconf takes note in /etc/conf.linuxconf, and this triggers the archiving. Unfortunatly, this is done very early at linuxconf startup and before the various messages dictionaries are loaded, so linuxconf ends up manipulating a NULL message pointer. Boom.

1.30r3 has very little beside this fix, but this was a killer for new installation. People having linuxconf for some time did not experienced this problem.