linuxconf 1.30r2 changes log

linuxconf 1.30r2 changes log

previous versions: 1.30r1
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Module accountbatch: LDAP and extra fields

When you setup an LDAP database for user accounts, you often wish to enter more information about users: department number, The accountbatch module is using the inter-module API acctextra to learn about extra fields to supply to LDAP (Currently, only the ldapconf module implements this API).

The module accountbatch is able to parse the input file and assigns the extra fields to LDAP using the API.

Module accountbatch: smarter parsing

The module is used to create/maintain user accounts from a text file (usually produce by another database). The module can parse a text file and extract fields (userid, gecos, password,...) in various position on text line. It can now combine and format them. For example, if you have some numeric ID referencing a user, you can prefix it with a letter: a#2 will put a a prefix in front of the second field of the line.

It can also be used to combine two fields. For example, you may have the name and the surname as different fields in the input file and used them to setup the gecos field.