linuxconf 1.30 changes log

linuxconf 1.30 changes log

previous versions: 1.29r3
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Module treemenu: text mode enhancements

In text mode, the left and right arrow may be used to provide quicker move in the treemenu. The left arrow close the current branch. You do not have to move up to reach the upper menu and then use enter to close it (this still work though). For example if you are located deep down in the tree menu, you just to hit the left arrow few times to reach the "config" top level menu.

The right arrow opens a closed menu, but tries to position the cursor on the line you were when you used the left arrow to close the menu.

Using both keys allows you to visit various areas in the tree menu very quickly. Give it a try.

A help screen was written and is always available while using the treemenu in text mode.