linuxconf 1.30 changes log

linuxconf 1.30 changes log

previous versions: 1.29r3
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about_module help screens

New help screens were written to cover some highlights of the various modules. Currently, one is written for dnsconf, treemenu and Linuxconf

Module apache: include directive with wild-cards

Apache 2.0 support an include directive with wild-cards. For example on rh8.0, you have:

	include conf.d/*.conf

Now Linuxconf understand this, resolves the wild-cards and loads the various files.

Module mailconf: listen address and port

It is now possible to control the sendmail listening address and TCP port.

Module treemenu: text mode enhancements

In text mode, the left and right arrow may be used to provide quicker move in the treemenu. The left arrow close the current branch. You do not have to move up to reach the upper menu and then use enter to close it (this still work though). For example if you are located deep down in the tree menu, you just to hit the left arrow few times to reach the "config" top level menu.

The right arrow opens a closed menu, but tries to position the cursor on the line you were when you used the left arrow to close the menu.

Using both keys allows you to visit various areas in the tree menu very quickly. Give it a try.

A help screen was written and is always available while using the treemenu in text mode.

Module vacation: number of addresses in db

The interface now tell you how many addresses are recorded in the vacation DB and it is possible to edit the list directly. This feature is available both to administrators and to end users.


Module binary compatibility

Some changes were done and we could not keep binary compatibility (source compatibility was kept). So you will need to recompile the modules for 1.30. Most modules on were recompiled and published. Note that if you try to upgrade to 1.30 and you have external module installed, you will be told that LINUXCONFAPIREV18 is need by those packages. Linuxconf 1.30 provides LINUXCONFAPIREV19 instead of LINUXCONFAPIREV18.

Bug fixes

HTML mode: numeric input

The numeric fields were limited to 10 characters. This was not enough for long numbers and was causing problems with the user account management (in 1.29r3, the filter was changed to support 32 bits UIDs).

Module kernelconf: 32 bit unsigned settings

The module was improperly handling these large number so it was impossible to configure say the shmmax parameter above 2Gigs.

Module mailconf: adding aliases

The "add" button was missing in this dialog. No way to add aliases when previewing the list. The button was only available in the filter selection.