linuxconf 1.29r3 changes log

linuxconf 1.29r3 changes log

previous versions: 1.29r1
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HELP_CONTEXT: new feature

The HELP_CONTEXT object make the various help screens more visible. It records one help screen and make it available to all sub-dialog down the stack (sort of). A module would use that to setup a reference to its main help screen. When a user hit the help button, a pop-up let him choose the help screen directly associated to the topic at hand or any related ones down the sub-menus path.

This feature was used in a central place in Linuxconf. Whenever a module X is entered, a HELP_CONTEXT object is defined, referencing the help screen about_X. Those help screens will be used to present the various features of a module. So far, only about_dnsconf was written.

This will help solve one major issue with Linuxconf (and large project in general): Users have a hard way knowing what is available for a given module.

the about_module helps should be short and cover the major topics of a module. The following feature should be covered:

Module dnsconf: more virtual registry

The module now export all the access control stuff to the virtual registry. Also, secondary are fully configurable using the vregistry as well.

User account management

Some work was done to help the new version of the ldapconf module. The change are not apparent. Give it a try anyway. The new ldapconf module has the ability to take over user account management. So if you know how to manage accounts using Linuxconf, you know how to do it with LDAP. The new ldapconf has been enhanced to support large user base (40k accounts) efficiently.

Bug fixes

fsconf: quota command line

The command line was not supporting the LABEL= feature in /etc/fstab properly and was reporting some errors improperly.

Linuxconf do not depend on linuxconf-lib

In 1.29r1, there was a packaging bug where a utility part of linuxconf-util ended in Linuxconf core package. This utility requires liblinuxconf (in linuxconf-lib package) to operate. So linuxconf 1.29r1 core package required linuxconf-lib. Fixed!

Module inetdconf: disable=yes support in xinetd.d files

The module was not setting the disable=yes/no line properly in the /etc/xinetd.d/ files. It was instead configuring the information in /etc/xinetd.conf. This was confusing. Also, the various files in /etc/xinetd.d were not archived when modified (CONFIG_FILE objects were not used properly).

Linuxconf now report the proper setting in "control service activity".

text mode text-area widget

The widget was broken and was corrupting the screen. The widget is now used in the email vdomain user account dialog, to setup the vacation message.