linuxconf 1.29 changes log

linuxconf 1.29 changes log

previous versions: 1.28r4
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gcc 3.2 support

Conectiva Linux contributed the little patch to compile Linuxconf using gcc 3.2 (stricter C++).

Inter module messaging

Modules may send various messages to other modules. These messages are some kind of text broadcast, received by every module. It was getting harder and harder to find out which module was sending what. So the API was enhanced a bit. Now instead of sending simple text message, the API provides the MESSAGE_DEF object. You define the object and then use it to send message using module_sendmessage(). MESSAGE_DEF expects a name and a list of argument (and description) used when sending the message.

From the command line, one can learn about all those message and see how his module may react. The following command print the messages, the modules sending them and the arguments description for each.

	linuxconf --showmsgs

Module firewall: iptable support

The module now output iptable commands instead of ipchains on kernel 2.4. No new capabilities were added to the module beside that. Firewalls built using Linuxconf and ipchains should work as before using iptables. There is one big difference though. iptables uses the INPUT, FORWARD and OUTPUT chains very differently.

This may affect some router configuration for sure. Please review.

Now, if you do not have time to review this, there is a check-box in the feature section of the "firewall defaults" dialog. It is called "Use IP chains even on kernel 2.4"

Module mailconf: queue management

The queue management is now enhanced. You can sort the various columns (in GUI mode) and you can tag several message and delete them all at once. You use the mouse third button to tag the messages.

Module mailconf: vacation support in user accounts

When editing virtual email user accounts, you have access to the vacation configuration facility for that user. This is the same dialog available in web mode (http://your_server:98/htmlmod:vacation:) for the user, now available to the administrator (or co-administrator).

Sponsored by Eric Wood.

Module xterminals: DISPLAYMANAGER

RedHat 8.0 may be configured independently for the default desktop (KDE or GNOME for example) and the display manager to use (kdm from the KDE project, gdm from the GNOME project). In previous releases, the default desktop was selecting everything. The module has now two fields to select both independently.

Bug fixes

Module dhcpd: parsing ddns-update-style

The module was not parsing this line properly.

Module dnsconf: TTL parsing

There was a flaw when parsing TTLs (time to live) and the SOA records refresh times when the minute suffix was used (M). The other (H for hours, W for weeks and D for days) were properly supported. Linuxconf was properly encoding the suffix, but not properly parsing it back. Minutes were changes to seconds... You may want to review your SOA records (domain definition, features, ...).

Module nisconf: updating the database as needed

The module had the ability to update the NIS database whenever some modification were made to user accounts (using Linuxconf). There were various cases where the module failed to notice and this was leaving the NIS database out of date. When groups were modified and when a user was changing his password (using the web form), the NIS database was left unchanged.

Module printer: queue management

The queue managemant was improperly parsing the output of the lpq command. It was not presenting print job information properly and sometime, not at all.