linuxconf 1.28r2 changes log

linuxconf 1.28r2 changes log

previous versions: 1.28r1
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Module dnsconf: more validations

When entering IP numbers, more validation are done. Also, if you have defined some "IP allocation spaces", the IP numbers are checked to see if they fit in one of the ranges. A warning is issued if not. The idea is to uncover some potential errors (You typed a valid IP, but in a wrong IP network for example).

Module samba: more share features

The feature "hide dot files" and "hide files" are now available in the dialog. The first is a check-box to instruct samba to hide files starting with dots (normally hidden under Linux shells). The second allows you to enter a list of files and directories to hide. They are hidden from samba users, but accessible.

Module vregistry: triggering a dialog

It is possible to trigger the dialog corresponding to a vregistry variable. For example, doing

	/sbin/vregistry --rundialog samba.workgroup

trigger the dialog where you can set the samba workgroup. It allows one to trigger various areas in Linuxconf directly. The goal of this feature is to assist in multiple machine management. It will be possible to trigger the same dialog on many machine at once and perform various global operation on them.

Virtual registry: more variables

You can now handle the "Linuxconf features" dialog using the virtual registry. All the variables start with the lnxmisc. prefix.

The "date & time" dialog is also controlled by the virtual registry. All variables start with the datetime prefix.

Bug fixes

Text mode color mode broken

In 1.28r1, a rework in ncurses handling broked the text mode color mode. It also produced a very different mono mode. While fixing the bug, the monochrome mode was changed to remove most of the reverse.