linuxconf 1.28r1 changes log

linuxconf 1.28r1 changes log

previous versions: 1.28
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HTML mode: error messages and notices

Error messages and notices are better presented with a suitable icon.

linuxconf --extract

The "linuxconf --extract" command line has been enhanced. You can specify the target directory for the extraction. By default, configuration files are extracted from the RCS archive right relative to /, overwriting the original in place. Using --to, you can specify a different root. For example, you do:

	# This pushes the current /etc/resolv.conf in the archive
	linuxconf --archive /etc/resolv.conf
	# This extracts the latest version to its standard location
	linuxconf --extract /etc/resolv.conf
	# This extracts to a different root
	linuxconf --extract --to /tmp /etc/resolv.conf
	# The file /tmp/etc/resolv.conf will be created

The Linuxconf man page was updated.

Module drbdconf

This modules, contributed by Conectiva Linux has been enhanced to support new configuration file format.

Module mailconf: ORDB support

The old RBL (Relay Black Hole) support was removed and replaced by the ORDB. ORDB perform the same task (rejects email coming from known open relay) and is a free service.

Module mailconf: vacation web page for vdomains

A web page was created to let end users handle their vacation configuration themselves. User just point their browser to http://your_server:98/htmlmod:vacation:. From there, they can enable/disable the vacation service for their email account. They can also enter a suitable message.

Module pythonmod: newf_list support

Conectiva Linux contributed "newf_list" support to pythonmod (allow writing Linuxconf modules in python).

Module samba: user validation and PDC feature

Many fields in samba configuration requires users and groups list. Linuxconf was not doing any validation. It does now.

The "domain admin group" feature was added to the default configuration dialog.

New package: linuxconf-X

The main Linuxconf package does not require any X11 library to operate. Some module in it do need some support. They were moved into a different package called linuxconf-X. It contains so far 3 modules: Xkbdconf, mouseconf and kbdconf. This way, Linuxconf rpm may be installed on server with no X11 libraries.

Bug fixes

Module managerpm

The module had some problem parsing RPM information. In some case a whole module escaped from its list. Fixed!