linuxconf 1.28 changes log

linuxconf 1.28 changes log

previous versions: 1.27r5
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Module dhcpd: show leases

The dialog used to browse the leases has been enhanced to use column sorting.

Module redhat: IP aliases

Some changes to support IP aliases in 7.3. Aliases ranges still have problems though.

Module samba: ldap support

A new section was added to the samba default configuration. It helps setup the required LDAP fields and LDAP secret. Other smb.conf fields were added to better control file permission (inherit permission).

Module samba: setting the SMB password

It is possible to browse the user list and change the SMB password directly from the samba module.

Bug fixes

Module apache: quoted value

Some quoted values were not parsed properly from httpd.conf. Fixed!

Module mailconf: anti relay rules

There were a glitch allowing relay using specially format address ( notice the trailing @). The new Linuxconf generate a plugging that hole.