linuxconf 1.27r5 changes log

linuxconf 1.27r5 changes log

previous versions: 1.27r4
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The most important/critical feature of this new releases is the change in virtual email domains to support MD5 passwords. See the change log below.


GUI enhancements

Some changes were done to benefit from (rather old) enhancements done in the GUI front-end. This affects the various record list.

The GUI has the ability to properly align (left,right,center) columns.

The GUI has also click-able heading, providing an intuitive (and common) interface to sort a table using any column.

The change has been done in various modules (presented separately in this change log. The user account dialog still has to be changed.

You need linuxconf-gui to benefit from these changes.

mailconf: virtual email domain and MD5 passwords

The module was change to crypt new password using MD5 instead of the old (less secure/robust) UNIX crypt. No change were need in vpop3d itself. The glibc crypt function supports both the old and new MD5 format.

From now on, when a user, or administrator set a password, it will be crypt-ed using MD5 (the same format found in /etc/shadow). Older crypt-ed password will still work.

vimap was not tested. Please check it all. Since vpop3d did not need any change, things should be fine ... :-)

This change provides better password crypt. The previous format was only using the first 8 characters of the password. Also you can move accounts from the main domain to vdomain without reentering the passwords.

Module firewall

GUI column sorting was applied to rule list.

A column named "redir" was added near the end. It contains an X if the rule is a redirection.

Module printer

GUI column sorting was applied to the queue management.

Module updatemon

The module had a security flaw (since 1.27r4) allowing co-administrator to view some configuration file without having proper privileges. You must be root (or know the root password) to browse and make use of the "update files" pane.

A little box button has been added to the updated files pane to pop a larger window. Since 1.27r4, this window collects the last 500 updates and keeps them permanently on disk. Using a larger window is easier to track the changes.

GUI column sorting was applied to the update files pane.

Module wuftpd

GUI column sorting was applied to the various transfer logs browsers.

Module xterminals

GUI column sorting was applied to X terminal management.