linuxconf 1.27r4 changes log

linuxconf 1.27r4 changes log

previous versions: 1.27r3
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Module dhcpd: ddns-update-style

The directive "ddns-update-style ad-hoc" is entered in the configuration file. Contributed by Conectiva Linux.

Module redhatppp: conditional use of wvdial

The module has now a check-box to control usage of the wvdial system (modem auto-everything...). Contributed by Conectiva Linux.

Module updatemon: Action log

Another pane was added at the bottom of the GUI window. It is called action and present a view of the Linuxconf logs (all actions performed by Linuxconf). A nice way to learn how things are working.

Module updatemon: updated files

The bottom used to show the list of updated file for the current Linuxconf session. It now displays the 500 last updates. This is stored in the file /var/log/filesupd.log. The file is maintained/truncated so it never grow too large.

This feature is fully multi-user. If another Linuxconf session updates a file, one line will be added in every running Linuxconf.

A new column was added: admin. This shows the real user id (the name) of the administrator who performed the update.

Bug fixes

Compilation rules for Alpha

Linuxconf was not building properly on Alpha system. Fixed. Contributed by Conectiva Linux.

linuxconf-lib: ncurses

The dll requires ncurses to operate, but the object was not linked using ncurses. This was forcing all application linked to liblinuxconf to be linked also to ncurses. Fixed!

Module firewall: vlan devices

The module was doing some validation for network devices but was rejecting vlan devices (eth0.vlan_number). Fixed!

System profile versioning

The cfgarchive script had a little bug and a dead-lock was possible while extracting large configuration files (cfgarchive was waiting and Linuxconf was waiting forever).