linuxconf 1.26r5 changes log

linuxconf 1.26r5 changes log

previous versions: 1.26r4
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Module accountbatch: Some enhancements

The module expects a file with 5 fields to create/maintain accounts. the fields are: user id, name, group, shell, password. In most case this information is not readily available. For example, many accountbatch user are getting their file from a school registry. They get only the userid and the name. The rest is missing, but can be often supplied as constant. A simple script fits the bill. This is nevertheless annoying. So the module was enhanced to accept various file format and supply default for missing field.

A section has been added to the dialog and for each field, we can specify the column in the input file. Or we can say it is missing in the file and supply the default value.

For the password field, we can request auto-generation of the passwords. If selected, the passwords are generated using random values and the report is produced at the end to collect the passwords generated.

A new button "preview" was added to preview the file content after applying the proper parsing. So you can tell if the module properly understand your file and supplies the proper defaults.