linuxconf 1.26r4 changes log

linuxconf 1.26r4 changes log

previous versions: 1.26r3
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Configuration files and symbolic links

Linuxconf normally renames a configuration file to a .OLD version and write back a new copy, so you can track easily what was changed and potentially undo it.

Sometime, you want to move configuration files in other areas and setup symbolic links to point the original location to the new one. Linuxconf now follow the symbolic links and rename the target file with the extension .OLD and write the new one there. So your symbolic link strategy is preserved.

Module inittab: naming runlevels

The inittab module is generic, so can't name runlevel properly. It is now using some hooks in the distribution dependent module to get the name of the various runlevels.

Module printer: using the virtual registry

Thanks to Tim Young, we can now use the virtual registry to add, configure and delete printer queue definition.

Bug fixes

Adding a user: failing to request the password

A bug was introduced lately. When you were adding a new user account Linuxconf, sometime, was failing to request the password.

Changing the host name

In 1.26r3, Linuxconf was prompting you if you were changing the host name of the server. You were allowed to make the change immediate and/or reboot the machine. Unfortunately, if you were rebooting the machine, the changes were not saved on disk (so you were rebooting for nothing). Fixed!

the reboot is necessary to make sure all services have taken notice of the new host name.