linuxconf 1.26r3 changes log

linuxconf 1.26r3 changes log

previous versions: 1.26r2
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IP alias with name

IP alias are generally assigned to network devices using numbers (eth0:0 eth0:1 and so on). One can also use name (eth0:s1). Linuxconf fully manage the IP aliases: It will add the missing one and remove the un-needed ones. Some package (the vserver package for one) sets and unsets IP aliases on the fly and Linuxconf has no way to tell if it is authoritative. A solution was introduced. Linuxconf only manage aliases with numeric prefix. It ignores the other.

Module shellmod: one privilege per module

For each shellmod module, a privilege is created. It may be assign to any co-administrator, one by one. Originally, only root was allowed to execute a shellmod module. The module is also receiving the variable REALUSER, so it knows who is the operator.

Virtual email domains: vdeliver enhancements

Two enhancements were made to vdeliver: auto-responder and vacation supports. Both are now built-in. For now, Linuxconf does not offer any way to configure those features. This is coming.

The auto-responder feature allows dummy email address to be connected to some content, sent whenever a message is received for this address. For example, for a vdomain called one can create a file called /var/spool/vmail/files/ and this file will be sent whenever someone send a message to This pseudo user prices does not have to be created in the account database. The file just have to exist. Note that this file has precedence over accounts and aliases.

The vacation is handle using roughly the same logic. For user joe member of the domain, if you create a file /var/spool/vmail/files/ it will be sent to the sender whenever a mail is received. Bulk messages and mail-daemon related are omitted.

Also, a file called /var/spool/vmail/files/ is maintained. It is used to record the fact that an email was sent to a sender once, so we won't send the vacation message over and over to the same person.

Please test this and submit comments. Once settle, we will had the administration tool allowing users to change their vacation message themselves.

Bug fixes

Module apache: check-box fields

The fields presented with a check-box (on/off values) were not parsed properly. They were always presented in the "off" position. They were properly written back though.

Module dnsconf: secondary zone with many primaries

The dnsconf module was limiting secondary zones to 4 primaries. There is no limit now.

Module firewall: protocol field

The protocol field was limited to 10 characters. Some entries in /etc/protocols are larger than that.

Stalling while executing a command

In some condition, Linuxconf was doing a time-out when executing a sub-command. A pop-up window was showing, telling us the command was taking too long to complete. A bug existed for some time where Linuxconf was missing the end of execution of the command, and falsely claiming it was taking too long. Fixed!

vpop3d and the mbox command

The mbox command was removed completely from vpop3d. It was not useful and was introducing some security flaws.