linuxconf 1.26r2 changes log

linuxconf 1.26r2 changes log

previous versions: 1.26r1
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Changing the host name

When you change the host name, linuxconf offers you to make the change effective immediately and also suggest to reboot the computer since many services adjust their configuration based on the host name. The dialog offers to reboot immediately if you want.

Linuxconf on slackware 7.x and 8

The packaging was reworked to support slackware. From now on I have the setup to produce binaries for every releases. Thanks to Sam Steele.

Module accountbatch: virtual registry

Configuration of the module may be done using the virtual registry.

Module dnsconf: more command lines

The module has now the --unsetmx, --unsetns and --unsetcname command line option, to make it more complete.

Module dnsconf: zone transfer

The module now support the bind 9 style (using rndc) as well as the other named-xfer program.

Module printer: virtual registry

The module now support the virtual registry, thanks to Tim Young.

Module samba: create and directory mask

Those two features were missing. Fixed!

Module vregistry: --getvalue option

The module used to retrieve variables as "var=value". This was not that useful when doing shell programming. The --getvalue command line option was added. Unlike --get, --getvalue only prints the value and not the variable name and equal sign.

Module wuftpd: help files and logs

Some help screens were written and you can now view the various transfer logs (even in real time). You can also view a report done by the xferstats utility.

Virtual registry and records

The virtual registry had already a way to handle record variable (samba.share_available.share-name=1), but was lacking a way to express relationship between a variable and a key. For example, when using the vregistry module, the following command was producing

	/sbin/vregistry --list

The * was meaning that an key was need to properly select a record to update. Unfortunately, the virtual registry was not rich enough to tell which variable. It is now. The above example now produces:

	/sbin/vregistry --list

The key variable may be queried so automated operation like this are possible.

	for share in `/sbin/vregistry --getvalue samba.shares`
		/sbin/vregistry --set samba.share_available.$share 0

This example would disable all share on a server.

Also the way vregistry variable are registered is simplified. It was already simple, it's even better :-) Most module have been updated. the old way was kept for compatibility.

Bug fixes

Module liloconf: unsettling prompt

The module was not handling the prompt keyword properly. It was defaulting to on. It was not possible to turn of LILO prompt.

Module xterminals

When setting the networking, the module was using the current network setup instead of the configuration. It was not possible to use the module during the server installation since it was not using the proper network configuration.

Updating smbpasswd on some distro

The samba module was not called at the proper time and was failing to update the SMB password (because the account was not created yet). This was visible on distro where Linuxconf is not yet using PAM to update password. Fixed!