linuxconf 1.26 changes log

linuxconf 1.26 changes log

previous versions: 1.25r7
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GUI: bitmap format

Originally, the GUI only supported Xpm bitmaps. Linuxconf has been enhanced to transparently translate jpeg to xpm as needed. So it is now possible to provide images in jpeg format. Later, this ability to display jpeg or xpm will be moved to the GUI front-end.

GUI: Enhancements/work in progress of the record list

Much work, although still not visible, have been done on the record list in GUI mode to allow various features: column sorting and record visual attributes. Work is still need to make column sorting generally available in Linuxconf without re-coding.

GUI: more mini-icons

Conectiva Linux sent me more mini icons. Thanks!

linuxconf --services

This is a short cut to the linuxconf/control/control service activity dialog.

Mandrake 8 support

Mandrake 8 has been reviewed to make sure the packaging is compatible.

Module gurus: network configuration

When configuring the PPP dialout, the account password is asked twice and validated. Contributed by Conectiva Linux.

Module mailconf: complex routing

When entering an IP number for a mail gateway, the module will insert the square bracket ([ and ]) requires by sendmail if missing.

Module mailconf: more SMTP features

The parameters queuewarn and queuereturn may be configured by Linuxconf.

Module mailconf: virtual domain delivery

The vdeliver utility was changed in two ways. It now creates its temporary files in /var/spool/vdeliver and those files are deleted immediately after being created. The new directory is created on the fly with permissions root.root,0600.

By deleting the temporary file immediately, even if vdeliver exits abnormally, the file is gone.

Module postfixconf

The dialog for the spam control have been reworked. Contributed by Conectiva Linux.

Module shellmod: some more commands

The settype command has been added to control the presentation of the dialog. For now the only accepted value is "DIATYPE_POPUP".

The command remove_all has been added. This allow one to delete all field from the current dialog and generate a new configuration.

Module wineconf: Configuration file parsing

The escaping (using backslash) is properly handled in the configuration file. Contributed by Conectiva Linux.


Conectiva Linux sent me updates for Spanish and Portuguese.

Bug fixes

/etc/fstab: fs type supermount

The pseudo file-system supermount is managed properly along with its special options.

Module apache: SSL management fix

The SSL management/parsing was changed so SSL statements are properly inserted inside the IfModule mod_ssl.c section. Contributed by Conectiva Linux.

Module dhcpd: sorting the lease file

The sorting of the lease file was improperly done. This was affecting the dhcp2dns feature. Sometime, old leases were sent to the DNS instead of new ones.

Web mode: Security flaw

There is a serious security flaw in Linuxconf since around 1.25. It affects only users with the web mode enabled and the flaw is only exploit-able from hosts authorized to use the web interface.

So, if you don't know what is the web mode or have never configured your server to use it, there is no problem. (http://your_server:98)

If you are using it and allows some "less" trusted users to use it then upgrading to 1.26 is mandatory or disable web mode from Linuxconf/networking/misc/linuxconf network access: Unselect the first check-box.