linuxconf 1.25r6 changes log

linuxconf 1.25r6 changes log

previous versions: 1.25r5
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Module firewall: some enhancements

The help screen have been enhanced. Instead of a single one, there are 3 explaining more the context.

Negation is supported in the from and to field. You can enter addresses in the form


Still other negations are possible (on the protocol and interface) and will be added in future release.

The chain dispatch mechanism has been enhanced. A new check-box controls how the firewall rules are updated in the kernel. The default mode is to wipe the kernel rules and put new one in place. With the "update the kernel gracefully" check-box enabled, only the relevant chains are updates. This produces faster updates and avoid opening holes while the firewall is changing. This is necessary with the userfirewall module, which can change the firewall rules several times per minutes.

Module mailconf: authwarnings

A check-box lets your control this feature.

Module wineconf: new wine files format

The module was adapted by Conectiva Linux to support some changes in Wine configuration files.


Some french updates

Bug fixes

libmodule guruengine

The gurusteps component was not working properly when 6 steps were specified. It was only showing the first one.

Module mailconf: fixes for amavis filter

The TAB was missing in the template file. This was producing an invalid

Module xterminals: Run-time installation

The first entry of the module menu was not working because of a flaw in the guruengine libmodule.