linuxconf 1.25r5 changes log

linuxconf 1.25r5 changes log

previous versions: 1.25r3
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/etc/fstab: more features

Linuxconf handles differently the "dev" and "dev=xxx" parameter in /etc/fstab. The later is used by supermount, while the first case implies the dev/nodev feature controlling device file handling.

Also the kudzu option (new in redhat 7.1) is properly handled when figuring if a file system is properly mounted.

fsconf: a man page

A man page was written for fsconf, which is a Linuxconf alias to handle file system configuration.

fsconf: new command line to set disk quota

Two new command line were add to configure disk quota. In general this is seldom used since user and group quota are automatically inherited when you create a new user account. It is more complete nevertheless. Check the fsconf man page for details.

Gurus: new helper function

In dialog nodes, you can use the seticon function to specify an icon which will show on the left of the introduction message. You can also use the "attention()" helper function which simply calls the seticon() function with the "notice" icon. The attention() function has been used all over in the new xterminals module.

IA64 supports

Few patches went in to make sure Linuxconf works well on the new Intel IA64 architecture.

Module firewall: various enhancement

First, the help screen has been reworked a lot. It has been kind of forgotten for too long.

Various enhancements were made to the module:

Also, not really an enhancement, but support for kernel 2.0 fire-walling was dropped.

Module inetdconf: xinetd supports

The module now supports both xinetd and inetd configuration files. This shows in the "control service activity" where you can now control and configure xinetd services as well.

Module mailconf: probing network interfaces

You can control the "probe interface" feature. This basically tells sendmail to check all network interface and perform a reverse lookup on each. This creates an alias list for the server. In general, this feature is not needed, so you can turn it off as needed. With earlier mailconf version, the feature could not be controlled and was on by default.

Module printer: per distributions permissions

The module now creates print-filter configuration scripts using per distribution permissions. This was made general enough so other module may use the same trick. It uses the resources system (*.paths file) to map a logical permission to a real one. CONFIG_FILE object now accept permissions in both forms.

Module pythonmod: various enhancements

The module includes more binding to Linuxconf UI. This includes access to the DIALOG::new_button() and DIALOG::newf_str()

Module wineconf: stand-alone mode

The wineconf module may be used either inside Linuxconf, or in stand-alone mode. When you execute /usr/bin/wineconf (and linuxconf-utils is installed) the module execute without any privilege and configure the wine user configuration, not the system wide configuration.

wineconf is the first module to benefit from that. So now, this module is both a end-user tool and a system tool.

UI: new icons

Thanks to Conectiva Linux for few more.

Bug fixes

Module ircdconf: a small fix

The module was improperly parsing its configuration file. It could crash in many cases.

Module mailconf: amavis mailer

The amavis mailer was improperly supported.

Module redhat: Control service activity

The module was improperly parsing the output of the /sbin/chkconfig utility and was showing bogus entries for xinetd services. They are now properly ignored since the inetdconf module properly handles them and contribute to the "control service activity" dialog.