linuxconf 1.25r3 changes log

linuxconf 1.25r3 changes log

previous versions: 1.25r2
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/etc/group with very long member list

The code has been enhanced, using fgets_long to cope with very long member list in /etc/group. Not that most groupadd utility out there will happily destroy you /etc/group if you have a large member list (several kbytes line).

class DIALOG enhancements

There is a new function DIALOG::newf_ipnum. It is used to edit an IP number. This should avoid the various IP number validation here and there in modules. It accepts an empty input as well unless the DIALOG::last_noempty() was called.

Module dnsconf: allow-recursion supported

It is possible to handle this topic. It controls who can use your named server to request information it does not already know.

Module marsconf: new

This is a new module contributed by Conectiva Linux. It configures the Mars netware clone server.

Module xterminals: creating the boot floppy

The dialog to create the boot floppy provides more options. It lets you specify the IP of the terminal, the gateway and the NFS server. You can also provide the netmask. You need the xtermkit 2.4 to make use of this.

Multi-user enhancements

Linuxconf has never been multi-user. In general, when several co-administrator were using Linuxconf at once, it was with the web interface. In this case, Linuxconf was handling this properly since a single process is serving all HTTP users. Further, in HTTP mode the dialog are carrying some state information allowing Linuxconf to deal with inconsistencies: Two co-admin can`t overwrite each other work.

In text and GUI mode, there were no provision. A new facility has been created to cope with that and provide multi-user locking. It is easy to add this to a module, to provide the level of locking (granularity) needed. This is handled by the new class CONTEXT_LOCK. It works like this

	CONTEXT_LOCK l ("key");
	if (l.isok()){
		// Ok, you can perform the task

Check out for more details.

Bug fixes

Bug in record list with filter

There was a bug in record list when the filter popup was used. If a record was added, it was crashing the dialog.

Disk quota and partition label

There was another bug preventing Linuxconf from updating the disk quota for a user account. The bug was visible only when a disk label was used in /etc/fstab.

Module aptconf: bug fixes

Conectiva Linux sent me some bug fixes in the parser.

Module dnsconf: classless delegation

There were some bugs in the newly added classless reverse zone delegation. The NS records were not properly handled.

Module liloconf: selecting the default kernel

There were a glitch when selecting the default boot kernel configuration. In GUI mode, the accept button was not performing any tasks. In Text mode, everything was fine.

Module mailconf: virtual account disk quota

There was a bug in the vdeliver utility. User disk quota were improperly handled. The minimum between user quota and global domain wide setting was used. This was kind of defeating the per user quota feature. Fixed!

Now, the per user quota is used if available. If not, the domain limit is used.

Module managerpm: listing package files

There was a cosmetic bug while listing files owned by a package. Some extra newlines were confusing the GUI and corrupting the text mode display. Further, some differences between RPM 3 and 4 were not handled properly.