linuxconf 1.25r2 changes log

linuxconf 1.25r2 changes log

previous versions: 1.25
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Change user password with PAM

There was a flaw in the way the PAM library was used to let a user change his password. The end result was that password policies were not enforce, only reported as warning.

The change make the dialog a little more obvious.

HTML mode: Some enhancement

It is now possible to program the HEAD section of all pages from the control/linuxconf management/miscellaneous dialog. You enter there whatever you want to appear between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags. Apparently useful to tailor the look using cascading style sheets.

The dialog history, at the top is now presented a little differently using some colors. Further, the long title of the first menu is trimmed.


Hungarian updates.

Bug fixes

Disk quota and LABEL=/xx in /etc/fstab

There were a bug in this area preventing Linuxconf to update the disk quota of a user when LABEL were used in /etc/fstab.

Module dhcpd: Wrong validations

In the subnet definition, the module was not accepting an empty second range.

Module managerpm: parsing invalid rpm

While browsing un-installed package, the module has some problems when some rpm in the list were invalid. It was ending up presenting the wrong one.

Module wineconf: packaging issue

In the previous release, the wineconf module was not usable because of a packaging flaw related to the message directory. Fixed. The solution was simply to run "make msg" in the wineconf directory and recompile...