linuxconf 1.25 changes log

linuxconf 1.25 changes log

previous versions: 1.24r9
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This is a small release relative to 1.24r9 to allow some developers to synchronize.


GUI: dialog introduction

The introduction text of a dialog was not changeable in GUI mode. It is now. Nothing is changed in the DIALOG API. Just a functionality was added. You need the latest linuxconf-gui (1.25) or gnome-linuxconf 0.67 (to be released shortly).

Module dnsconf: interactive updates from network config

The DNS was automatically updated from the basic network configuration. In general, this was a good thing, Now it is interactive with a yes/no box.

Module pythonmod: virtual registry support

The module was already providing access to the virtual registry. It is now shaping up so it can participate in the registry (publish variables). This is work in progress though.

Module wineconf: Users configuration

The module originally only supported the system wide configuration. It can now handle the users private configuration.